Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Project Euler. Math + Code = Fun!

A month ago I discovered the Project Euler, a list of more than 400 math problems to be resolved. Some of them can be resolved just by using maths but others need some clever solution to get the answer. All problems should be computable in less than a second.

You need to register in order to submit your results. Once a problem is resolved, you gain acces to a forum for that problem, where you can share your solution or read other solutions and, on some problems, a PDF with an explanation on the problem. As I have been developing Java for a couple of years I have found very interesting reading other solutions in other languages. In fact, I have started to learn functional programming because of it.

I resolved a bunch of them while studing for the Java 7 Programmer, using concurrency in almost all of them. A bit overkill, but very useful for learning.

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