Monday, 15 June 2015

It's been a while!

It's been a while sinse I published my last entry on this blog, but my life has changed a little bit these last couple of months. I left my job at Santiago, moved to the beatiful city of Valparaiso, got a new job and my girlfriend moved to my place.

My new job it's a lot easier and somehow less challenging that the previous, but at last I have the time and will to work on a little project of mine: wiKlimb!

wiKlimb is a wiki for rock climbers: a place to get updated info of places to climb, warn other climbers about dangers or add new routes.

I pretend to release a testing Alpha in a couple of weeks as the developemnt it's going faster than expected. The core functionality is almost done but I want to add a couple of things, polish the appearence and in general deliver a relative good quality app.

The technologies i am using are:

-Primefaces 5.2
-Spring 4
-Hibernate 4.3
-Maven 3.2
-Jetty 9.2
-JDK 1.7

I pretend to deploy it  on some cloud service.

Here some screencaps:

More to come in the next weeks!

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