Friday, 7 September 2018

Garrus: A Java Spring Rest + Angular 6 ready-to-code scaffold.

It's been a while since I wrote in this blog. My lasts years of work have been more on the managament and team leadership side of software development. But it's time to get hands on code again.

As I want to start to develop apps for local clients and for my own, I needed to update my stack. Primefaces is great, but I wanted to learn Node long ago, so I decided to start with Angular for the frontend. I stuck with Java for the backend for two main reasons: experience and mature frameworks.

After a couple weeks of work I created Garrus, a full stack scaffold, fully funciontal with a couple of CRUDs for example. Just 4 commands are neccesary to get it running.

Stack and details


  • Spring Boot for running and packing.
  • Spring Data for data access + Hibernate 5.
  • Spring security with JWT (Json web tokens) for the rest services. Includes examples on how to secure the acces to the resources with @PreAuthorize
  • Junit with Spring boot.
  • MapStruct (a cool mapping tool without using reflection) for mappin data entities and DTOs at rest layer.
  • Different maven profiles preconfigured.
  • User table for login. Password stored as plain text.
  • Vehicles and drivers simple model for reference and example.


How to get it running

All steps are in the github of the project. If you have any doubt just let me know!


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